In 1993, Alfreda Cunningham attended a meeting where she heard a statement about the National Coalition of 100 Black Women that caught her attention. A spark ignited; however, due to the amount of research needed, it was some time before a local chapter could form.

On July 4th while attending an outing at the home of Ora Greene, Mrs. Cunningham along with Ann Darby and Ora Greene decided on definite steps to take towards organizing a Black Women’s Organization in our community and after much research and gathering of information, the nucleus of the Winter Haven Coalition of 100 Black Women’s interest group formed. On July 25, 1997, the interest group had a luncheon at Morrison’s Cafeteria in Winter Haven to explore the feasibility of forming a local chapter. The sixteen women who attended this meeting were Alfreda Cunningham, Ora Greene, Julia Miller, Brenda Rex, Lottie Tucker, Dorothy Adams, Ilah Frazier, Linda Grant, Beverly Faniel, Lurena Batson,Edythe Hunter, Patricia Hunter, Ann Darby, Hattie Wilson, Mattie Streeter, and Adrienne Darby.

These women continued to have many planning meetings at Morrison’s as well as the Community Development Center,First Missionary Baptist Church and other local community buildings.

The women sought guidance on the procedures for establishing a local chapter and began communications with the National office. One major qualification for a chapter is diversity. As they evaluated themselves, they saw that they had vast occupational diversity as well as many other qualifications needed to prepare to become a chapter. They were finally ready.

The National office assigned Ethel Isaacs, Esq. as their Chapter Development Director. During her visit on May 2, 1998, Ms. Isaacs provided guidance and additional information on completing the formation of a local chapter.

On June 13, 1998, the chapter adopted the By-Laws and elected its Charting officers:

Alfreda Cunningham President Ora Greene

1st Vice President Ilah Frazier

2nd Vice President Seretha Tinsley

3rd Vice President Lurena Batson

Corresponding Secretary Lottie Tucker

Recording Secretary Joanne Talley Asst.

Recording Secretary Julia Miller

Financial Secretary