Our Founding Organization

 National Coalition of 100 Black Women
Indianapolis Chapter
Chartered October 8, 1982


The National Coalition of 100 Black Women was formed to bring together women from across the country to establish a leadership forum that would promote and make possible the professional development, personal growth and economic well belling of African-American women through a variety of activities that reflect the interest of the membership and the needs of the community at large.


Indianapolis Attorney Fay Williams was the founding voice behind the local chapter.  In the fall of 1981, Jatrice Gaither and Florence Woods traveled to New York to gather information needed to form a chapter in Indianapolis.  Upon their return, they shared information with Patricia Turner-Smith, Doris Parker and others about the concept of creating a dynamic network of African-American women in this community.  Fay Williams invited more than 20 women to her home to formulate concrete plans for the Indianapolis Chapter.  Over the next year, the group generated excitement, enthusiasm, and systematic planning to ensure the birth of the Indianapolis Chapter.  The first installation of officers was held at the Columbia Club in the fall of 1982 with Jatrice Gaiter  as the first Chapter President.


     FOUNDER:                  Fay H. Williams

     CONVENORS:            Jatrice Martel Gaiter, Doris Parker, Patricia Turner-Smith,

Fay H. Williams, Florence Woods








Michelle Smith Blair               Billie Breaux               Jatrice Martel Gaiter              Ann Gray

     Lynell Hemphill                      Saburi Imara               P. Diane Jackson                    Marie Johns

        Linda Kendrix                         Earline Moore            Doris Parker                             Shirley Phelps

          Kathy Tyler Scott                    Dobbie Smith             Patricia Turner-Smith            M. Delois Strum

          Brenda Truedell                     Fay H. Williams          Robbie Williams                     Florence Woods


  • Francine Ashby                                   Sandra Leek
  • Amelia Cade Bacon                            Cordelia Lewis
  • Mildred Morgan Ball                          Jacqui Burton McCullough
  • Michelle Smith Blair                           Barbara A. Mills
  • Mariah Bradford                                 Margo Mills-Smith
  • Elaine Bradley                                Earline S. Moore
  • Billie Breaux                                        Betty J. Nixon
  • Rosa Lee Brown                                  Dorothy M. Oldham
  • Pat A. Browne                                     Bettye Jones Olds
  • Martha Bullock                                   Marsha M. Oliver
  • Marcia Butler                                      Doris Parker
  • Anne Henning Byfield                       Yvonne Perkins
  • Julia Carson                                         Shirley Phelps
  • June Collins-Rimmer                          Brenda Collins Powell
  • Louanna C. Davis                                Zenobia Radford
  • Sandra E. Emmanuel                          Brenda L. Smith
  • Pamela J. Fentress                              Carol Smith
  • Jatrice M. Gaiter                                 Deborah A. Hearn Smith
  • Louise E. Goggans                               Debbie Smith
  • Marguerite Graves                             Francine Kelly Smith
  • Ann Marie Gray                                  Jean M. Smith
  • Deborah A. Hamilton                         Bonnie Smith
  • Anita J. Harden                                    Osma Spurlock
  • Pat Harper                                            Lillian Stokes
  • Laura C. Hawkins                                Amanda L. Strong
  • Judith A. Hawley                                 M. Delois Strum
  • Lou Jean Hayes                                    Sandra Thompkins
  • Lynell Hemphill                                   Brenda Truedell
  • Brenda Y. Henry                                 Patricia Turner-Smith
  • Janice Hicks                                         Katherine Tyler-Scott
  • Iris Holliday                                         Judith R. Waugh
  • Saburi Imara                                       Gail Whitney
  • Diane Jenkins                                 Fay H. Williams
  • Marie Johns                                        Robbie Williams
  • Kathleen Johnson                              Arlene Fitts Winfrey
  • Prethenia Kent Jones                         Sylvia Marie Woodson
  • Linda Kendrix