Gourmet Gents

Gourmet Gents is one of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women’s (NCBW’s) signature events.  Since its 1991 inception, the event has become a popular fundraiser, featuring a silent auction, a diverse mix of delicious culinary delights, and entertainment!  Each year, the event continues to attract more than 500 food tasters eagerly waiting to sample the different dishes prepared by key corporate executives, political leaders, professionals, civic leaders, and business owners.  Last year, thirty-five gentlemen volunteered their time and talents to prepare their favorite recipes while demonstrating their culinary skills to raise money for a worthy cause!


A significant portion of the proceeds from the event supports the Coalition Academy for Girls (AFG) program providing mentoring, scholarships, and career building for middle and high school African American young ladies.  The program was established in 1994 in response to local needs to make a positive, indisputable difference in the lives of our young African American females, which supports our local strategy to aid young women of color to reach their highest potential.

In addition to the AFG, Gourmet Gents proceeds also support NCBW programs such as “My Sisters Keeper” – Annual Financial Literacy & Empowerment Symposium; educational forums and symposiums; leadership development initiatives and programs; and Breakthrough Women – our annual awards ceremony recognizing African American “Breakthrough Women” for their achievements in Arts & Culture, Public Policy, Economic Development, Education, and Leadership Development.