Academy for Girls


National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Indianapolis Chapter, Inc.
Academy for Girls Concept

History of the Academy for Girls

The Academy for Girls (AFG) was established in October 1994 in response to local needs to make a positive, indisputable difference in the lives of our young African American women. Our goal is to aid young women of color to reach their highest potential by creating an interactive program where young women could benefit from the exposure to African American female role models. To date, more than 125 young women have benefited from this program. There is no cost to the girls for attending the program.


The mission of the AFG is to empower future leaders of tomorrow by educating young women toward economic stability and encouraging personal and professional growth.


Our vision is to facilitate a substantive program that drives positive, meaningful change that will benefit young African American women. This program will empower young women to overcome stereotypes, explore non-traditional careers, participate in academic and skill-based training, and encourage personal and professional development.

Candidate Profile

The Academy for Girls program is designed for middle school through high school students in grades 6 through 12. The program targets “average” students who show potential for success but need additional guidance and direction to prevent them from “falling through the cracks”. However, no girl with a stated interest and enthusiasm for participation will be denied enrollment.

The Program

The Academy for Girls serves as a tool to empower, enlighten and enrich young women. It is a strategic community based partnership between the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Indianapolis Chapter, Inc. (NC100BW), local businesses, various schools throughout the city of Indianapolis and numerous community organizations. The NC100BW believes this program will provide early intervention that has the potential to increase high school graduation rates, address health and social disparities through education, and increase cultural awareness among participating young women.